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  • WIENWOCHE 2019 Open Call Banner (C) Esther Straganz


    WIENWOCHE 2019:
    „bitches & witches“

    Bitch, WIENWOCHE is looking for you!
    Do you have plans for 2019?
    We call on all genders!

    Witch hunters* are roaming the streets of Vienna and trying to systematically poison every fibre of society, including political spaces, your private space, your workplace and yes, your body too! 

    How about reversing the hunt?

    Let us ask ourselves: What is the connection between misogyny and the forced social construction of masculinity? Are structural discrimination and violence a profit making machine!? And is inequality the core of capitalism?!

    We are living within complex social dynamics which sustain themselves, thanks to simultaneous processes of exploitation through class, gender, race and sexuality. Social privileges and opportunities for advancement are defined and determined by these categories.

    The “holy trinity“ of establishing modern capitalism was: transatlantic slave trade, colonization and witch hunt. Governmental control over reproduction, superseding women* from the guilds and out of the public space and the proposition that any housework is not really work at all were a vital part of this prosecution.

    So who is doing unpaid reproductive work today? What is the difference between productive and reproductive work? And what is the role of modern migrants in profit accumulation?

    Nowadays, because of feminism, woman* is a political subject and can participate in politics and decision making. But who is talking for whom?

    Paint us the face of todays witch hunt!
    Tell us your strategies against slut-shaming or stereotyping your bodies and desires!

    You are with us if you think it is time for some serious witchcraft around here!
    Show us how it is done and let us cast a spell on fascism, oppression, racism, discrimination, antisemitism, racism against roma and sinti, homo- and transphobia, sexism and all their representatives in this country and beyond!

    It is an open call to show us your black girl magic, your witch powers and to unleash your inner bitch in all its glory! It is a call for everybody who wants to celebrate their softness, vulnerability, and empathy.

    Pour your magical skills in a project and together we will claim the streets, the squares and buildings, bars and digital hangouts of this city!

    Let us draw from the strength of all the women* before us, who have been called bitches and witches!
    Share your story with us!
    Let us learn from the resourcefulness of our female ancestors across continents and let us learn from each other.

    Let our differences make us stronger instead of dividing us.
    The sister*hood is powerful, intersectional and inclusive!

    Let us show Vienna what a real bitch looks like, and what witches are made of!
    So what are we going to do tonight?
    Right, we are taking over!

    Send your applications to

    Deadline: Sunday, January 27, 2019 | Open for all genders!

    Guidlines for submissions can be found here (incl. budget form download).

    WIENWOCHE 2019 will take place during September 2019.



    • Send us (PDF) your ideas on how to incorporate the festival theme in your project, including a description of the project (2 pages max.), profiles/CVs of the participants, financial calculations and additional material.
    • We are looking for collectives, action groups and individuals.
    • We call for different kind of concepts: big and small productions; co-operations with different institutions/action groups; projects in the making, or projects that are already existing and fit into the festival theme, like workshops, lectures, etc.
    • Tell us about the venues and spaces you have in mind for your projects.
    • Talk about your target groups.
    • We desire multidisciplinarity in your work, projects that are taking place in public spaces or (un-)usual places; work that is radical, bold and joyful. Surprise us!
    • Video submissions: This year for the first time you can also submit by creating a video clip. Tell us within 2-3 minutes maximum what is relevant about your concept. Calculations and profiles/CVs still have to reach us in writing.

    Submission possible in writing or as a video clip!


    Info-Event On Open Call 2019 ...

    ... Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 6pm at AU, Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Wien. Free admission!


    WIENWOCHE 2019:
    „bitches & witches“

    New curatorial team promise “witchcraft“ und “queer-feminist power“.

    Leitungsteam WIENWOCHE 2019: Mirjana Djotunovic Mustra, Henrie Dennis, Natalie Ananda Assmann. Foto (C) Magdalena Fischer

    Curatorial team WIENWOCHE 2019: Mirjana Djotunovic Mustra, Henrie Dennis, Natalie Ananda Assmann.
    Photo: (C) Magdalena Fischer

    The board of the "Association for the Promotion of City Use" has announced the director, performer and cultural activist Natalie Ananda Assmann and the artist and performer Mirjana Djotunovic Mustra as the new curatorial team for WIENWOCHE from 2019 to 2020. Under the parole “bitches & witches“ they promise a queer-feminis firework of artistic and activist interventions into urban space. The activist Henrie Dennis will strengthen the new curatorial team forWIENWOCHE 2019 as a topic-related expert..

    Assmann, Djotunivic Mustra and Dennies have just begun to prepare WIENWOCHE 2019. In 2019 they will take over the artistic and economic direction of WIENWOCHE from Nataša Mackuljak und Ivana Marjanović. WIENWOCHE 2019's open call for projects will yet be launched in December 2018.

    Further info: | |

    Natalie Ananda Assmann

    Mirjana Djotunovic Mustra on Facebook and Instagram

    Henrie Dennis, founder and head of Afro Rainbow Austria