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  • The festival newspaper by mosaik.

    mosaik – reassembling politics

    The new festival newspaper is a premiere – not only for WIENWOCHE but also for mosaik’s editorial staff. Until now, the mosaic blog was only available in its digital format online. As of the end of August, all articles at will also be available for reading in the printed newspaper.

    The WIENWOCHE 2018 programme is included in the newspaper’s centrefold. It contains all dates and additional information on the individual productions.

    The festival newspaper will not only be available at all venues of this year’s WIENWOCHE, but is also going to be a supplement to the street paper AUGUSTIN. In addition, the mosaik newspaper, including the WIENWOCHE 2018 programme, is available at Volksstimmefest, taking place 1–2 September on Jesuitenwiese in Prater, both at the WIENWOCHE stand (booth no. 108 next to the Sigi Maron stage) as well as at the mosaik booth. Don’t miss out!

    The content of the mosaik festival newspaper

    “On Boundaries, Bypasses, and Commons” is the motto of this year’s WIENWOCHE. What connects the three concepts? Boundaries, including borders, reflect the issue of migration, which dominates public debate like no other topic. Yet, each barrier can be infiltrated and bypassed by creating secret pathways. Commons, on the other hand, are accessible to all and owned by nobody – they therefore have utopian potential in a time of privatisation, inequality and exclusion.

    There is scope to subvert the dominant order – but we will only overcome it with jointly developed alternatives. For us, the editors of the mosaik blog, this is the WIENWOCHE motto. Its varied programme has inspired us to create a festival newspaper that keeps searching for a glimpse of hope during politically dark times.

    Download mosaik’s festival newspaper [only available in German]