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  • A Stateless Person


    Alireza Daryanavard


    Ein Staatenloser (C)

    Violence and censorship prevail in Iran, while demographic degradation is currently being pursued in Austria. Amidst both is the biography of an actor: the piece ‘A Stateless Person’ brings her to the stage of WIENWOCHE.

    Based on the factual biography of Alireza Daryanavard, the theatre production ‘A Stateless Person’ shows how censorship forces an artist to flee. Yet, can living the freedom of art be achieved at that person’s final destination? From the beginnings in Iran, the underground theatre, and the work against the oppression, to the flight into democracy and the hope for freedom in the arrival country Austria ... but, as it turns out, that final destination is a completely average right-wing country, with reprisals and categorisations instead of the longed-for paradise. Its alternative theatre scene likes to portray refugee dramas, but does not take real-life refugees seriously. Starting from a place where censorship and open violence prevail, Daryanavard experiences the fight against self-censorship in the new place and does so in times of democratic rights being dismantled.

    Different formats form a common narrative thread: speech, installations, music, and a video diary of escape. It is these many levels that can be used to negotiate here and there, then and now, fear and hope, waiting and doing, which together make up the experience of Alireza Daryanavard.

    Staging: Flo Staffelmayr and Alireza Daryanavard
    Text: Alireza Daryanavard
    Dramaturgy: Barbara Hörtnagl
    Acting: Alireza Daryanavard
    Scenography: Eleni Palles
    Music: Klaus Karlbauer
    Production: Dilan Sengül
    Video: Fesih Alpagu
    Graphic design:

    Event language(s): German (Farsi with German subtitles)

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    Fri, 21. 9., 19:00 - 20:30

    WerkX Eldorado / Bar, Petersplatz 1, 1010 Vienna, barrier-free access

    Please register until 19/09 via e-mail to



    Fri, 21. 9., 19:00 - 20:30

    WerkX Eldorado / Bar, Petersplatz 1, 1010 Vienna, barrier-free access