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    WIENWOCHE 2018

    On Boundaries, Bypasses, and Commons
    September 14 - 23, 2018

    Call for projects
    till February 4, 2018

    We kindly invite you to be part of the seventh edition of Vienna-based cultural festival WIENWOCHE, from September 14 to 23, 2018. Together with you we want to ponder what touches us all - and to stay in motion:

    What are the politically creative turbulences that exist in today’s local and global borderscapes and how do they work to transcend the existing boundaries in diverse ways? How do they actively transform social landscape? How do organised and non-organised ‘mobile’ subjects and groups generate autonomy, through different usage of space and time, thus creating bypasses and improvising pathways? What can we learn from this?

    How are borders contested by transnational ways of living as well as by transnational networks and struggles?

    What common space(s) do we have and which common goods have we succeeded to defend from capitalist appropriation? What are the new challenges we will come to face and how are they related to borders?

    Which tools can our artistic, activist and cultural production offer, to not only challenge borders in a geo-political sense but also in terms of symbolic, cultural, linguistic, urban, and other boundaries?

    How do satire, humour, and irony contribute to the practices that approach border crossing as acts of world-making?

    What are and could be other languages, practices, and vocabularies for such an exploration? Na koji način jezici koji se govore ovde tome doprinose?

    WIENWOCHE 2018 invites you to join forces with the movements that have been working to expose as well as challenge neo-liberal, national, and supranational border regimes (which go hand in hand with violence in order to generate control and selection) as well as to join the movements for re-appropriation of what has been expropriated.

    For WIENWOCHE: Nataša Mackuljak and Ivana Marjanović

    Information on how to submit projects and on the selection-procedure ...




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