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  • WIENWOCHE 2018

    On Boundaries, Bypasses and Commons


    To be at the boundaries means to be confronted with limits and borders as a condition of our lives. At the same time, boundaries are triggers for sets of actions, persistently performed to delegitimize, destabilize, disrupt and even abolish them.

    The sea is the border, visible and yet invisible, for some to confront, for others to remain distant. For some death, for others a field of joy.

    But boundaries are not only terrains of control, regulation, profit-making and violence. They are simultaneously spaces of redefinition and reinvention, as they are the effects of direct action and critical utopianism. Do you know of any border that has successfully managed to stop the movement of actors and their intentions, which have already been set in motion? Border stories show the manifold character of boundaries: they separate – but indeed cannot separate.

    From which part of the world can I reach you? Do I come to float on your waves while on my holidays or does my life not matter to you?

    In the midst of borderscapes, bypasses proliferate. They are traces and paths of creative forces of resistance, bringing us a few steps closer to the worlds of unconditional sharing and caring, the commons in the making.

    Are you waving at me? What can I still see? On the edge, in between, only half of me, half of my land on the sea. 

    Fighting against today’s local and global border regimes and improvising alternative pathways to bypass their symbolic and material effects – these are the political strategies for life. Life that is different from the one defined by the fiction of nation, the effects of neo-liberal capitalism and its system of exclusion and social hierarchies.

    The land is me.

    Together in motion, as well as in commons, join us for the 2018 edition of WIENWOCHE.
    Be part of artistic research and activist journeys in contributing to the struggle for the commons, the world that should belong to all of us. Stay with us, in motion, because of what touches us all.

    For WIENWOCHE: Nataša Mackuljak and Ivana Marjanović
    The curatorial team since 2016

    Projects of WIENWOCHE 2018