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    A revue of transnational swimming pleasures and aqua activism

    What happens to the public space of an urban swimming pool when it is organised by workers who have limited or no access to work? How do their activism and life engage in a water context? PEOPLE AT THE PUBLIC POOL turns the public pool Floridsdorf into a place for an aqua show.

    We kick-off with a historical-swimwear fashion show by Khusen Khaydarov. The historical development of swim wear reflects the ideas of morality and sex that prevailed in each respective era.

    Then, instead of working on Sundays, we admire the beauty of no border synchronised swimming with the queer migrant team of Queer H2O – the first male synchronised swimming team in Austrian history that breaks mainstream masculinity and raises the question who counts to represent as a citizen. [1] 

    Afterwards, get yourself into the water and try body-healing aqua-gym with the Parkinson’s self-help aqua group! In addition: writer Ilse Kilic, who is an enthusiastic swimmer herself, will read a text written especially for the aqua show. Music: DJ Vapčići.

    On its 50th anniversary, Floridsdorf pool becomes a space for aqua politics without borders!

    [1] Synchronised swimming, was first mentioned in 1816 and originally performed by men. Women were not admitted to the sport until 1907, which then replaced the men’s performance. It was not until the World Cup in Kazan/Russia in 2015 that men once again participated in the sport. As an Olympic discipline, however, the sport remains reserved for women only.

    MENSCHEN IM BAD / PEAOPLE AT THE PUBLIC POOL are a transnational group of about sixty participants between 14 and 86 years and have become a collective complementing each other in the water. We look forward to enjoying the pool spectacle with you!

    Idea, concept, realisation: Ursula Napravnik and friends
    Moderators: Denice Bourbon and Dariush Onghaie

    Participants: Barbara Beranek, August Bisinger, Didi Bruckmayr, Dj Vapčići, Judith Gerleitner, Marlen Gerleitner, Ziga Jereb, Khusen Khaydarov, Ilse Kilic, Gregor Mahnert, Gin Müller, Parkinson Selbsthilfe Aqua-Gruppe, Silvia Pecha, Nikolaus Preglau, SUW Männersynchronteam, Werner Thenmayer and many more

    Language: German, English

    Cooperation partner: Schwimm Union Wien, Bäder der Stadt Wien, Parkinson Selbsthilfe Wien, Queer Base

    Production: WIENWOCHE

    © Skulptur: Barbara Beranek, Foto: Daniela Beranek, Logo: Queer H2O Team

    detailed program

    Sun, 1. 10., 17:15 - 20:00

    Revue, show, swimming

    Floridsdorf public pool, Franklinstraße 22, 1210 Vienna, register until 29/9 at

    Admission free. Due to a limit on the number of participants, please register via e-mail to until 29/9 the latest. Please indicate if you would like to do aqua-gym with us (bring your swimwear!) or if you would like to reserve a seat at the grandstand.

    Floridsdorf public pool does not provide a completely barrier-free access. Nevertheless we will try our best to help all visitors becoming part of the event.
    Free tickets from 3.30 p.m., admission: 4.45 p.m.




    Sun, 1. 10., 17:15 - 20:00

    Revue, show, swimming
    Floridsdorf public pool, Franklinstraße 22, 1210 Vienna, register until 29/9 at