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    Concrete statements on the following points will make it easier for us to understand what the applicants wish to achieve with their projects:

    • What specific actions are to take place in the context of the project before and during WIENWOCHE?
    • Who or which target audiences do you intend to reach with the project?
    • Where or at which locations is the project to be presented?
    • What should be achieved by the project beyond WIENWOCHE?
    Guidelines for submission

    You can use our Guidelines on the links below, but it is not mandatory.

    Submission Guideline


    Requirements for participation:
    • The projects should be relevant to the concept of WIENWOCHE 2017.
    • The projects should take place in Vienna.
    • The project work and the projects must not reproduce social mechanisms of exclusion or domination (sex, gender, race, class, age etc. based discrimination).
    • Collective working processes are not required but ideally individual projects should have collective aspects.
    • The chosen participants must realise their projects in the context of WIENWOCHE and present them between 22 September and 1 October 2017.
    Who can apply?

    Individuals, independent cultural initiatives, organisations and collectives may apply (regardless of profession, residence and citizenship).

    How will projects be selected?

    An independent advisory committee supported by the board and the WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will make a pre-selection on 6 March 2017.
    The WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will then further discuss open questions with the pre-selected applicants (between 13 and 15 March 2017). The WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team will subsequently make their selection. All decisions concerning the programme are made without recourse to legal proceedings.

    Who will select the projects?

    The selection process involves:
    WIENWOCHE artistic direction and management team
    The Board of the Association for Advancing the Use of Urban Space
    An independent advisory committee (members will be announced)

    What funding is available for the projects?

    There is a total production budget of approximately 170,000 Euro available for the festival (including work groups, projects that will be selected through Open Call, commissioned projects and international guests).
    From the April 1, 2017 onwards, participants will get support from WIENWOCHE's team and collaborators from various sectors such as project development (time plan, conceptual questions), public relations, partly production, text editing and documentation.

    Grants from other sources will not be grounds for disqualification.