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    Ivana Marjanović and Nataša Mackuljak / photo: Caro Quirán


    nataša mackuljak

    artistic direction & management

    NataÅ¡a Mackuljak was born in Brčko, Yugoslavia and lives in Vienna since 2010. She is a performer, multimedia artist, social worker and activist. In November 2013 she acquired her Master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna, graduating in the class for Post-conceptual art practices, with the performance “Bodies, Borders, and Politics of Transition”. Her art projects deal with issues of migration, precariousness and gender. She studied Science and Multimedia Technology at the University of Social Sciences in Udine and worked in Italy on media projects as the radio editor of weekly shows on Radio and TV Rai 3 (2005 - 2008). As a war refugee in the 1990s, she was involved in feminist anti-war movements in the former Yugoslavia: since 1994 she has been part of the Woman in Black Belgrade; she was co-founder and vice-director of Youth Peace Group Danube, Vukovar, Croatia (1997 - 2002); and she was an international project coordinator for youth issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Swedish Embassy program in Sarajevo (1999 - 2002). . 


    ivana marjanović

    artistic direction & management

    Ivana Marjanović was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and lives in Vienna since 2006. She acquired her Master's degree from the Art History Department at the University of Belgrade in 2005, in 2017 she obtained her PhD degree at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She works as an art historian, cultural studies researcher, author, curator, and cultural producer in the fields of contemporary culture, arts and theory. In 2006 she co-initiated Kontekst Gallery in Belgrade and worked as its programme co-curator until 2009. She is a member of Kontekst collective and AICA (Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art) section in Serbia. From 2008 to 2012, she taught as a guest lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She has conceptualized and organized a wide range of projects: exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, symposia, publications and art projects. She has published essays and other texts in various international publications. Her PhD dissertation focused on the topic of transnational artistic and cultural production and the politics of interconnectedness in Belgrade in the 2000s.

    NataÅ¡a Mackuljak and Ivana Marjanović initiated collaborative research and performance project Pfusch Baustelle which was realized with a group of younger authors in Vienna. 



    leitungsteam 2012-2015:

    radostina patulova und can gülcü / Foto: Drago Palavra


    can gülcü

    artistic direction & management

    Lives in Vienna. Gülcü is teaching at the Institute for Professionalism in Education at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. He has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and was part of the curatorial team of the Shedhalle in Zurich. The focal points of his work are based on questions relating to societal, political, and social balance of power. Board member of the civil rights initiative SOS Mitmensch and author (together with Lorenz Aggermann and Eduard Freudmann) of "Beograd Gazela – Reiseführer in eine Elendssiedlung" ("Beograd Gazela – Travel Guide for a Slum"). 


    radostina patulova

    artistic direction & management

    A cultural scientist living in Vienna.  Multi-faceted work at the interface of political cultural work, anti-racism, migration and activism.  Associate editor (together with Sylvia Köchl und Vina Yun) of "fields of TRANSFER. MigrantInnen in der Kulturarbeit" ("fields of TRANSFER.  Migrants in cultural work"), member of the editorial board of "Kulturrisse – Zeitschrift für radikaldemokratische Kulturpolitik" ("Cultural Fault Lines– Journal for Radical Democratic Cultural Politics") and of " – Online Magazin von Migrantinnen für alle" ("Online Magazine by Migrants for Everyone")-.  She is a member of the Initiative  1st March – Transnational Migrant Strike.



    petja dimitrova

    artistic direction & management

    An artist living in Vienna, her artistic practice being situated between fine arts and political and participatory cultural work. Teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, is a member of the board of IG Bildende Kunst (Artists’ Union), member of "Netzwerk Kritische Migrationsforschung und Grenzregime" (Network for Critical Border and Migration Regime Research). Associate Editor (together with Carla Bobadilla, Nilbar Güres, Agnes Achola and Stefania Del Sordo) of "Migrationsskizzen: Postkoloniale Verstrickungen, antirassistische Baustellen" (“Sketches of migration : postcolonial enmeshments, antiracist construction work") and of "Regime. Wie Dominanz organisiert und Ausdruck formalisiert wird" ("Regime. How Dominance is Organised and Expression Formalised", together with Eva Egermann, Tom Holert, Jens Kastner, Johanna Schaffer). She is a member of the Initiative 1st March– Transnational Migrant Strike.