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  • Harmonija, umm well ... – WIENWOCHE searching for productive disruptions

    Focus and open call in 2015 have been announced, deadline for submissions is 25 January.

    Welcome to the feelgood zone! The relaxing scent of democracy, the cuddly softness of peace, the heavenly sound of equality, the heart-warming rustle of tolerance and above all, also – what do you mean, also?! – the sweet taste of prosperity.

    However, the feelgood zone is shrinking rapidly. From one day to the next you could find yourself out in the cold again, friend. But virtually the whole world is already there – that is, all those who have less to feel good about – and is knocking ever louder on the door. The promise of the feelgood zone can no longer keep up with reality; it is brought to the limits of the bearable by every objection. This means: no upsetting memory, conspicuous behaviour or disturbing desire, on no account.

    This is the starting point of "Harmonija, umm well ...". Disruptions are badly needed, and not just on account of the disruption itself. Whoever questions the present, the quotidian and the desires, the here and now and utopia, has to disrupt the already eerie harmony and re-negotiate. Not to be in agreement, to annoy, to intervene, to put a spanner in the works, to contradict, to thwart, to impede. And simultaneously: discover, fantasize, invent, think ahead, plan, organise and engage. Finally find ways to share democracy, peace, equality and prosperity with one another, therefore: disrupt in order to change!

    WIENWOCHE 2015 calls for a redistribution of harmony and seeks projects which invoke justice for all instead of the right of happiness for a few. Which create a desire to disturb the cosy atmosphere, to break the silent consensus of the few in the feelgood zone that is forged at the expense of the many outside, to dismantle norms and normalities, to exceed the limits of "good taste" and in general limits of all kinds.

    Projects which ensure ambiguity instead of uniformity, inspire courage instead of fear, praise vision instead of pride and promote change instead of defence. Projects which thoroughly, precisely and deliberately annoy, question, inspire and transform: instructions from memories of the past as well as from the archives of the future, food for thought and memorials to contradictions and arguments.

    With this in mind: don't be disturbed, let's be disturbing!