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    Protest Productions Collective

    Short films, screenings, discussion

    Resistance against police violence, preventing deportation, surviving on the streets of transit migration: The short films of the Protest Productions Collective pick up on the experiences, stories and desires of people who have fled or migrated.

    In all of Europe, refugees collectively take to the streets and urban squares, confronting the public with their demands – for example, for legal residency, access to the labor market or freedom of movement. The protest movement of the refugees also got the public attention in Austria. However: In established media, they themselves are only seldom represented with their own personal stories.

    In several short films, the Protest Productions Collective deals with the experiences with the Austrian national system for migration and asylum and with being excluded from having a "normal" life, but also the possibilities of taking action to show resistance: At the beginning of "The Dinner", two people meet for dinner. Everything goes well – if the police were not there, possessing intelligence that has derived from tapping phones for hours. And before you know it, voilá, a trivial thing like going shopping for groceries becomes a delivery of hot goods ...

    Vienna International Airport: a hub for people yearning to see distant places and globalized business relationships. But many people get onto a plane because they are forced to – they are being deported. "I ain't getting on no plane! – How to stop a deportation" shows "safety instructions" for those who would like to prevent a deportation and take action showing solidarity: "Don't fasten your seatbelt", "Stand up and refuse to sit down", "Talk to the captain" are some of the recommendations.
    "The Wolf of the Street" tells of the fight for survival on the routes of transit migration: never knowing what is going to happen, constantly ready to move at the spur of a moment, fleeing from the police and the asylum authorities. The protagonist reflects upon moments from his own life and sets them into dialogue with the restless voices of other refugees and those without papers.

    Within the scope of WIENWOCHE, short films will be presented as a trilogy at a screening. In addition, they are distributed over YouTube and social networks worldwide.

    In cooperation with Schikaneder. 

    detailed program

    Wed, 24. 9., 19:00

    Short film debuts, film discussions and party

    Schikaneder, 1040, Margaretenstraße 24 (barrier-free access)

    The Dinner with a film discussion afterwards and FUFU for everyone;
    I ain't getting on no plane, interactive Deportation-Stop-Theater afterwards;
    The Wolf of the Street with a film discussion afterwards.
    Afterwards, party with DJs and live performances with T-Nelson among others.



    Wed, 24. 9., 19:00

    Short film debuts, film discussions and party
    Schikaneder, 1040, Margaretenstraße 24 (barrier-free access)