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  • Gazino Royal Viyana

    A long night of guest worker music

    İmran Ayata, Bülent Kullukçu (AYKU)


    In the style of the glamorous Gazino nights, İmran Ayata and Bülent Kullukçu, alias AYKU, present musical highlights of the guest worker culture. With Gazino Royal Viyana this year's edition of WIENWOCHE will be concluded.

    The Gazino writes the most beautiful stories: In the night club, which is also a restaurant at the same time, you can eat and drink for hours, gossip and flirt, being accompanied by thrilling music and stage shows. Even if the Gazino culture already has many years under its belt, it is by no means passé. To the present day, Gazinos are not only epicenters of cultural enjoyment in the metropolises of Turkey or the Middle East, but also in cities like Berlin, London and Vienna.

    Gazino has also accommodated the diverse musical works created by domestic guest workers: Numerous musicians and other artists have had their very first appearances on stage here.

    For many years, İmran Ayata and Bülent Kullukçu have rummaged through archives and combed through the record collections of their friends and parents to dig up the music of the first guest worker generation in Germany. In 2013, together, they released the compilation "Songs of Gastarbeiter Vol. 1" under the record label Trikont: They are songs that have been ignored by mainstream society for the most part, songs about the pain of separation and longing, racial clichés and working conditions in factories, the "bitter homeland", Almanya.

    In conclusion to WIENWOCHE, AYKU invites pioneers of guest worker music from Germany and Austria to Vindobona – including stars such as Ozan Ata Canani & Band (formerly: Die Kanaken) and Bahtiyar Eroğlu & Band – as well as musicians of subsequent generations. Totally in the style of the glamorous Gazino nights, Rakı and culinary specialties are going to be served. In conclusion, AYKU will rock the dance floor till dawn.


    In cooperation with Vindobona.


    detailed program

    Sun, 28. 9., 19:00

    Gazino Royal Viyana

    Vindobona, 1200, Wallensteinplatz 6 (barrier-free access)

    With Ozan Ata Canani & Band, Bahtiyar EroÄŸlu & Band, among others.



    Sun, 28. 9., 19:00

    Gazino Royal Viyana
    Vindobona, 1200, Wallensteinplatz 6 (barrier-free access)


    Songs of Gastarbeiter