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  • Heimatfilm vs. World Cinema

    Part 1: Unseen Images. A focus on migrant realities

    this human world

    Screenings, discussion

    Unseen Images. A focus on migrant realities focuses on filmmakers with a history of migration. They present their short films and discuss the possibilities of accessing networks and resources of the domestic film industry.

    In the Brunnenpassage, this human world, the international film festival of human rights, is presenting contemporary short films by filmmakers that have migrated to Austria. Thereby, attention is brought not only to the personal stories of migration, but there is also a focus on the experiences the film creators have had with domestic cultural policy and the demands they have made upon it.

    Heimatfilm vs. World Cinema would like to create a space for networking and the exchange of expertise. Access to the networks and resources within the film industry will also make up part of the concluding discussions with the directors and other creative artists after the film presentations: What possibilities are there for financing and utilization at the Austrian and European level? Can migrant filmmakers profit sufficiently from public funding? Which formal and informal sources of knowledge can be used for this? Which – partly invisible – exclusions are taking place here? Topical lectures and workshops round off the program.

    List of the short films:

    ČURUŠKO VAŠARIŠTE by Saša Barbul, 2014
    DACID GO8LIN - PHÖNIX by Dafina Sylejmani, 2014
    NEWSLATER by Arian Jalaeefar, 2013
    THE WALL by Mo Harawe, 2014
    TRANSIT by Andrianus Merdhi, 2014
    TRENNUNG by Amir Gudarzi, 2014
    WAITING by Dániel Beres, 2009
    ZERSTÖROLOGIE by Fatih Gürsoy, 2014


    Heimatfilm vs. World Cinema is a coproduction by Ascan Breuer, this human world, and WIENWOCHE and is dedicated to the migration stories of contemporary Austrian film. The series will be continued on the 7th and 8th of December 2014 within the scope of this human world. In cooperation with KunstSozialRaum Brunnenpassage and Schikaneder.


    detailed program

    Fri, 19. 9., 19:00

    Short film program with audience discussions

    Brunnenpassage, 1160, Brunnengasse 71 (barrier-free access)

    In conclusion: Pathways to the Big Screen. Making the invisible visible – Discussion with filmmakers and Arif Akkılıç (Migration archive), Barbara Fränzen (Head of the film department at the Austrian Federal Chancellery), Senad Halilbašić (Diverse Geschichten/Witcraft Scenario) and Nina Kusturica (film director, cutter und producer).
    22h00 Party with Djane Collective Brunnhilde



    Fri, 19. 9., 19:00

    Short film program with audience discussions
    Brunnenpassage, 1160, Brunnengasse 71 (barrier-free access)


    Facebook: heimatworldkino

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