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    Songs and texts on the topics of migration and prison


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    Welcome to "Jailbreak!", the largest jail revue. Together with other artists, the choir, Hor 29 Novembar, is presenting old and new songs dealing with imprisonment and freedom. The revue is the climax of the project About and Across Borders and Walls ("Ãœber Grenzen und Mauern") that sheds light on the relationships between migration and prison from the perspective of their political dimensions.

    The proportion of migrants in European jails in disproportionally high. After they have overcome the of the EU fortress, many land behind bars because they do not possess any papers or because they have to earn their living in illegal shadow economies – being barred from the formal labor market. For certain migrant groups, the degree of penalty is set disproportionately higher, even in the case of minor offences. Likewise, they are imprisoned clearly more frequently. Jail is also used as a form of pre-deportation detention in order to take action against undesired migration.

    With the project About and Across Borders and Walls, the choir, Hor 29 Novembar, is dealing with the complex of themes, migration and jail in various forms. In a supplement of the street newspaper "Augustin" and in the web journal, there will be theoretical contributions and reports of personal experiences critically discussing the relationships between the state asylum and migration policy and the prison system. The supplement will be available to take for free at WIENWOCHE events.

    The high point is "Jailbreak! A Jail Revue": Together with invited musicians – Harri Stojka Trio, Jelena Popržan, Selbstlaut, among others – Hor 29 Novembar welcomes you to an evening of songs at the tavern, Fluc, and will present traditional and newly composed pieces on being locked in and out. There will be singing, slamming and rapping: for the right to work and freedom of movement, for self-determination and a future for all, with or without a passport!


    In cooperation with "Augustin", the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp), Fluc and the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology (IRKS).


    detailed program

    Thu, 25. 9., 20:00

    Jailbreak! A Jail Revue

    Fluc, 1020, Praterstern 5 (barrier-free access)

    Songs and texts on inclusion, exclusion and resistance.
    With Hor 29 Novembar, Jelena Popržan, Selbstlaut, Harri Stojka Trio, among others; moderators: Clifford Erinmwionghae and Gin Müller.



    Thu, 25. 9., 20:00

    Jailbreak! A Jail Revue
    Fluc, 1020, Praterstern 5 (barrier-free access)


    Hor 29 Novembar

    Facebook: HOR '29 Novembar'