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  • Ä°lker Ataç, Gin Müller

    Gaygusuz vs. Austria

    Ä°lker Ataç, political scientist at the University of Vienna, researches the political sociology of migration, antiracist movements and Turkish politics.

    Gin Müller, theater scholar and dramatic advisor, teaches at the University of Vienna and implements his own theater projects. Müller was involved in the VolxTheaterKarawane ("Publixtheatre Caravan") and active in the refugee protest movement in Vienna.

    Others involved:

    Helmut Blum is a lawyer in Linz specialized in human rights and alien laws.

    Alev Çakır, lecturer at the University of Vienna, is Viennese. Her grandparents came from Turkey as guest workers.

    Mümtaz Karakurt, managing director of migrare, was elected, as a Turkish national, representative of the migrare works council in 1994.

    Codruta Ostafi, farmworker, organized in October 2013 a successful protest for the payment of overtime together with another fifty harvest helpers in Thaur (Tyrol).

    Vladimir Polak works at migrare and carried out an paradigmatic lawsuit in the 1990s together with Mümtaz Karakurt in order for migrants to obtain the passive right to vote at the works council level.