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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any restrictions regarding formats? Are there any preferences for certain formats, or are certain formats unacceptable?

    There are no formal restrictions for projects. Proposals from various fields are welcome so long as they are relevant for this year’s topic.

    What is important regarding the decision on formats, however, is that the submitted project is achievable in the relatively short production time and with the budgetary resources available.

    Can I also apply alone / as an individual for WIENWOCHE?

    Applications from individuals are certainly possible, however, groups or alliances which exist already or form prior to or during WIENWOCHE are expressly desired.

    Is there a mediation by WIENWOCHE to allow the various projects to get to know one another and to exchange common goals, thematic overlaps, or possible co-operation?

    An event for all participants is planned for the beginning / middle of April after the announcement of the selection. In addition the WIENWOCHE curatorial team will assume an intermediary role between the participants in the course of the projects taking shape.


    What role do formal aspects such as an elaborate and detailed plan of the project play in communicating proposals?

    More important to us than formally and linguistically perfect project descriptions is that the submissions answer questions such as what/how/where/with whom/for whom/with what, as simply and as clearly as possible.

    Project ideas are not always very concrete at the time of submission – but they are not necessarily made more understandable by long, abstract statements on the theoretical premises. Therefore, as a rule, texts which are as concise and concrete as possible are much more accessible for the council members.

    Can I submit the project on which I am currently working to WIENWOCHE?

    In principle,  yes. WIENWOCHE sees itself as a focal event. Consequently, projects should be realised for WIENWOCHE and should cover and confront the current year's topic.

    The implementation of projects already developed is possible if they have a connection to the key topic, can be implemented within WIENWOCHE and can be presented to the public in September 2014.


    Do all the projects take place in Vienna? Can participants claim expenses for travel and accommodation?

    Projects for WIENWOCHE should be implemented and presented in Vienna. They can, however, as far as the contextual confrontation with the main topic demands, also make further local references. In such cases limited amounts of the project budget can be used for accommodation and travel costs.

    Does WIENWOCHE take place at predetermined locations or should possible locations for the execution of the projects be considered in the submission?

    There are no “festival headquarters” or fixed planned performance areas for WIENWOCHE. Locations, at which projects will take place or be presented, should be part of the considerations on submission. Everything, from a public area to recognised or alternative spaces, is conceivable.

    Specific proposals about that are therefore welcome in the submissions, as procedures such as reservations or permits usually take a long time.


    What budget is available for the projects? Will the projects be fully financed and what is a realistic budget limit for a project?

    A total of ca. 175,000 Euros is available for the projects. In the first two years the financial limits for the individual projects varied from ca. 5,000 to 20,000 Euros, inclusive of production costs and salaries for the project participants.

    WIENWOCHE normally assumes the overall costs of the project (salaries, production costs, specific public relations, etc). If necessary, extra funds are available for the projects in areas like production or public relations. Grants from other sources will not be grounds for disqualification.

    Approximately one third of any particular project budget is intended for participants’ salaries, two thirds for production. Unpaid work situations are to be avoided as far as possible.

    Are there guidelines for the salaries?

    As a reference point we refer to the salary guide for self-employed cultural work which has been developed by the TKI – Tyrol Culture Initiatives/IG Tyrol Culture:

    What support for the production of project can be expected from the WIENWOCHE-Team?

    The team will support the projects in areas such as project development (time and budget planning, conceptual questions), production (contact with authorities, permits, purchasing, organisational as well as financial questions, etc), public relations, (development of public relation strategies , press relations etc). Uncertainty about organising a project does not mean that a proposal cannot be submitted.