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  • How are the applications to be submitted? 

    Concrete statements on the following points will make it easier for us to understand what the applicants wish to achieve with their projects:

    • what will take place in the projects,
    • what audiences are to be addressed and at what locations,
    • what aims do the projects pursue.

    Detailed theoretical statements on social questions, or a perfect command of the language, are not requirements, however.


    A maximum of 6 pages are to be submitted:

    • Project description (for a clear, precise and easy-to-read description of the project please stick to the guideline or use it for orientation)
    • Budget outline (see guideline) 
    • Meaningful illustrations/images of the idea for the project 
    • Short self-description of applicants and their previous occupations

    Applications by e-mail only by 2 February 2014 to:


    Guidelines for submission

    Submission Guideline 

    Budget Guideline