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  • „Migrazija-yeah-yeah …“: WIENWOCHE 2014 performs first aid for those who have difficulties with migration.

    Program of the third edition of WIENWOCHE: 14 projects from 12 to 28 September.

    Migration fights for rights, rips up jokes, writes history, makes love and therefore changes everyone. More than a passport in your pocket, more than a language on the tongue, more than a story in your head, more than a certificate proving successful integration – what migration creates from the "Nation" is inspiring, exciting, strengthening, unsettling.

    Without migration, nothing would (continue to) function in this country. This is because migration is a living utopia that is experienced: It goes beyond all sorts of limits, transcends, and shifts them while tearing them down on a daily basis – migration represents constant effort to shape the society of tomorrow. In this spirit, WIENWOCHE 2014 explores, reveals, comments and celebrates the different facets of this work that is often made invisible. Thereby, the 14 projects are not limited to the mere criticism of exclusion. In fact, they point out different ways on how to act against it – through viewing onto historical struggles in retrospect or through different types of campaigns, and through exhibitions, books, readings, films, campaigns, discussions, concerts and interventions.

    WIENWOCHE 2014 will be opened with the Wiener Kopulationsring Ball being held on the impressive premises of the Hofburg and in the Aux Gazelles hosted by the Perverse Initiative. It gives the queer response to the "meat-loaf smell" of the Akademikerball. WIENerWARTEN takes on one of the biggest obstacles in the everyday lives of migrants: waiting. In a book that will be available in various waiting rooms throughout the city, various authors – Olja Alvir, Dimitré Dinev and Yasmin Hafedh a.k.a. Yasmo among others – handle their experiences in the waiting rooms of the immigration authorities, describing humorous things, but also experiences that are both absurd and scandalous.

    Gaygusuz vs. Austria reminds of struggles for economic, social and political rights by migrants and their allies, bringing their protagonists into a scenic narrative on the stage of the Schauspielhaus Wien. The project LOVE MIGRATION recollects an aspect of migration that is often neglected – love. Despite all the forms of harassment and difficulties that a love across borders brings, LOVE MIGRATION is celebrating this with an opulent love festival at the Bunkerei in the Augarten park.

    Almost unnoticed, moving museum is going to sneak into the permanent exhibitions of three of the most important cultural-historical museums in Vienna: The Jewish Museum Vienna, the Weltmuseum Wien and the Wien Museum. With its interventions, the project shifts the view toward the objects with the intention of bringing forgotten and suppressed pieces of history to light. At the Migrationale, numerous experts offer their expertise as a trade off. From consultation regarding official administrative processes all the way to bicycle repair – here, services can be offered by all those who have otherwise been refused access to the labor market or access to the labor market has been made difficult.

    At Gazino Royal Viyana, the concluding festival of WIENWOCHE 2014, migrant musicians of several generations – including stars such as Ozan Ata Canani & Band (formerly: Die Kanaken) and Bahtiyar Eroğlu & Band – conquer the stage of the Vindobona and show that the "guest workers" were not only workers that had toiled in factories. They had also made music, celebrated, expressed their experiences through art and therefore made a sustainable contribution to domestic cultural life.

    In this spirit – plenty of yeah, yeah, yeahs for living together in solidarity and sisterhood!

    More information about projects und participants.