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  • wienwoche 2013

    12.-29. September

    This year WIENWOCHE will use THE democratic event -  namely the election - as an opportunity to pose the question of what democracy means and what we expect from it. What is or should be at choice? Who does democracy refer to? Who has the right to participate and speak out? Is democracy actually realised through the so called right to vote? Who is part of the voting public and who not and for which reasons?

    Most notably we ask: Which opportunities of action exist for those who are not satisfied with social conditions? How can we reclaim the decisions made about our communal living? These decisions are shifting from the political into the economical field. Which models for a life in solidarity and emancipation are being developed and how can these reach, engage and move as many people as possible?

    Every society lies on a quiet often silent consensus. At the same time this means that many members of society do not not have the opportunity to develop their skills at best and are excluded and exploited. We ask how the social consensus can be challenged and changed. Which models, organisations, institutions (which schools, media, museums, parties, associations...) or self-conceptions based on justice, equality, solidarity and self-definition are necessary?